Emmy smiled. For a second there, she did consider keeping it. “Wanna sit at the head, take her home?” She thought he might enjoy that, although truthfully it was more a matter of convenience. “It might even be easier. You’re taller, and you’ll have a lot more leg room.” He could of course decline, but did he know that? “That is, if you want to.”


Hell yeah,” Aaron said, grinning wider than ever but for the first time with genuine enthusiasm. It’d been a long time since he’d ridden a motorcycle, too long. Without wasting any more time, the demon climbed aboard and patted the seat behind him. 

"Don’t think you know what you’ve done," he joked, starting it up and thrilling. "These things make me crazy."



How do you get holy water? Boil the hell out of it.

What’s the definition of a will? It’s a dead giveaway.

When the window fell into the incinerator, it was a pane in the ash to retrieve.

Need an ark to save two of every animal? I noah guy.


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Emms / “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” - Blue Oyster Cult



"So you were always a demon? I met an angel once. He kinda hit on me a lot, so."


"Wait, are we talkin’ about the same thing here? An angel hit on you? How was that exactly, ‘cause I’d’ve paid to see that shit.”


"Can I help you? You seem a bit lost.."

"Appearances can be pretty deceiving. Are you sure you’re not the one that’s lost, Little Red?"




"I see." 

Though Sandalphon’s voice was hard and cold, like steel. 

"Though it does leave one with the remaining question. If it is not out of loyalty to a King that leads you to consult with me; but rather out of fear of someone you seem to perceive as perhaps more than competent than the one that calls himself such presently, would that not be a rewarding situation to one such as yourself? Particularly, if as you say, Abbadon is adept at slaying those who remain of my family."

Of course Sandalphon had no intention of letting Abbadon carry on with her nefarious scheming, but here was an angel particularly noted for his insatiable curiosity, if not his leadership prowess and his strategizing. However Sandalphon’s easy manner of completely neutralizing any of his own feelings while he spoke made him sound as though he were curiously observing a spider eating a fly rather than discussing the assassination of his loved ones. Well, he was here now. That would change, he thought. 

"What is your precedence, I ask. Besides your obvious desire not to become  a leafy vegetable. Have you considered perhaps a carrot instead?"

Fear?" Aaron snorted. He’d hardly meant to imply…. even if there might’ve been a sliver of truth. Abaddon was a bigger fish and he wasn’t stupid; this wouldn’t end well for him if she took the throne. She wasn’t the type to take competition well, her underlings stayed there. 

"Let’s just say I’d like to avoid an inconvenience. Abaddon is a dictator and she always has been, her promises are empty and even an idiot can tell. She means to gain power and then where exactly do you think her sights will land? There’s not many of the higher ups left and Abaddon never could share a spotlight, even partially. And that doesn’t exactly work out for me. I’ve managed to leave well enough alone for a long time, not planning to serve directly under anyone anytime soon or kick the bucket fighting against the current. My operations too fucking sweet. I’d rather try to change the flow completely.”

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  1. Name of your muse.
    Aaron Mars
  2. One picture you like best of your muses’ face claim?

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone.

  1. He likes to listen to Cascada. Loud.
  2. He’ll buy anything with a flamingo on it.

Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time.
1. Fighting
2. Eating/drinking
3. Video games

Four people that your muse loves 
1. Emmy Melancon
2. Himself
3. Oh look, yeah, himself
4. Him

Three fond childhood memories.
1. The first time he was in a real fight, really the only human memory he still has. It was extremely thrilling and he lives for it even now.
2. The moment when it was his time to become a demon and finally end the years of torture.
3. Being given a birthday party by Emmy.

Two things your muse regrets.
1. Nothing really at this point.
2. -

One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change.
The 70 some years he spent tortured in hell would be great.

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